In order to achieve the mission of The Alabama Conference of Black Mayors (ACBM), our goals include providing public service that enables strong, healthy, sustainable, resilient communities throughout Alabama. The ACBM seeks to achieve its goals through a series of programs that focus upon creating and maintaining economic and community development, increased access and opportunities for healthy lifestyles and overall wellness, improving the quality of life through education, and fostering broad-based citizen participation in planning and implementation. Currently, the ACBM is in the planning and preparation stage of these programs and expects to begin implementation in the fall of 2016.

Outreach Institute  The Community Outreach Institute (COI) is the ACBM core program. Participants in the COI help to ensure successful outcomes in all other ACBM programs. This is because, through the COI, the ACBM can provide intensive community outreach training for community stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds and communities throughout Alabama. Once the training has been completed, the newly trained COI Community Organizers can work through the ACBM in its efforts to connect with local families and provide ongoing support with regard to resources and opportunities that improve life quality.

ACBM Healthy Communities Program Providing resources, opportunities and ongoing support for Alabama families to live healthier lives through the reduction of health disparities. Methods Include:     
ACBM health disparity trainings and health education resources for mayors and community stakeholders.
Collaboration with healthcare professionals, educational institutions, county & state governmental agencies, churches/ministries, community-based organizations and grassroots leaders to significantly reduce health disparities in small cities/towns and urban areas throughout the state of Alabama in a sustainable, measurable way.  
Partnering with existing programs and providing intense community outreach to connect and provide ongoing support to Alabama families to help ensure that they achieve maximum benefit from the programs. Examples of these programs include (but are not limited to) the Eat Smart Move More Outreach Program, the Fruit & Vegetable RX Program, Mobile Medicine Partnership Projects and More.  

ACBM 5k,10k & Half Marathon Road Race Team - Through the support of the ACBM, the Road Race Team can participate in 5k and 10k Run/Walk Events, as well as Half Marathons throughout the state of Alabama and the region while serving as ACBM Health & Wellness Ambassadors.