The Alabama Conference of Black Mayors (ACBM) is an organization that serves its members and their constituents by providing service, support, and information. We represent a diverse membership that advocates and promote leadership- and economic- development opportunities, high quality health and human services, and education for culture preservation.
 Objective and Strategies:
 1. To support leadership development for creating members maximum potential Strategies:
      * Present and annual conference, including a focus for leadership
      * Hold ABCM quarterly meeting
      * Conduct workshops for ACBM Strategic Planning Committee
      * Provide information
      * Sponsor annual membership drive
2. To provide members with service, support, service and information in order to encourage growth and create communication of excellence
      * Provide opportunities for members networking and exchanging
      *  Establish ACBM Service Center (for support, research, etc.)
      * Distribute ACBM Newsletter with member city publicity
      *  Began State Regional Meeting-Long Range Goal
      *  Encourage ACBM membership participation
3. To advocate and promote economic development opportunities for all ACBM Committee Strategies:
      *  Seek and involve economic/community development agencies in ACBM Activities (ads, speakers, etc.)
      *  Develop ACBM Showcase directory-long range goal
      *  Provide letters of support for members pursuing awards
      *  Exchange agency information with ACBM members
4. To advocate and promote high quality health and human development services within all ACBM communities.
      *  Sponsor an annual fundraiser for ACBM Corporation
      *  Offer scholarships and training for member constituents
      *  Create public awareness through issue presentation at ACBM functions
5. To advocate and encourage the preservation of constituents  and culture through education.
      *  Develop a schedule of events for ACBM cities, to the State Tourism Office for inclusion in its publication.
      *  Create ACBM Heritage tour with media coverage-long range goal.
      *  Inclusive- Non partisan, embracing diverse views, modeling civility.
6.  Expand the capacity of city officials to serve as ethical, effective and engaged leaders.
7.  Raise the profile of city government as key leaders and partners in improving the quality of life.